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Utilities Virtual Exhibition

Discover Getac’s 3D experience to understand the range of rugged Getac solutions which are developed especially for Utilities sector workers and solution providers.

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Dedicated Solutions For Utilities Providers

Utilities (water, electricity, gas and green energy) are essential services that play a vital role in providing and maintaining public infrastructure. As digitalisation continues to gain traction in this sector, Getac offers a reliable range of dedicated rugged solutions to meet the unique operational challenges.

Accessories, Software and Services

Getac offers a full range of industry specific accessories, software and services designed to insure perfect mobility and ease of use in the field. Keep your business running more productively, solve challenges faster and perform at peak performance.

Accessories & Peripherals

Accessories & Peripherals

Whether you need a docking station for the office or vehicle to allow seamless connectivity and charging, a 4-point harness or rotating hand strap for more comfort, or peripherals such as keyboards, additional batteries, routers and antennas etc. to enhance your user experience, we have the right solution to fit your needs.



Getac offers complementary sector-specific software to increase productivity and save costs. Learn more about Getac Device Monitoring System and Getac Driving Safety Utility Software and how it helps support your business.



Getac offers outstanding services such as the industry-leading warranty which includes accidental damage cover as standard, pack & collect, self maintainer and many more.


Smart city: Utilities in the digital age

The optimisation of energy distribution networks or the development of public transport are more critical in densely populated areas. The deployment of intelligent infrastructures is therefore a means of ensuring a better service for the inhabitants.

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Experience Getac Devices – with Augmented Reality

Discover Getac devices like never before – from every angle and in your daily environment. Click on the product to experience.

Why choose getac?

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Better Heat Dissipation

Our thermal engineers have devised unique ways to dissipate the heat from the placement of the CPU on the motherboard to liquid filled copper pipes allowing the processor to stay cooler and perform near full power.

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Getac rugged computers are continuously put through a battery of torture tests in Getac’s R&D labs every day. We test products in ways they should never be used. We intentionally break them to find out their limitations so our engineers can make future products even better. Our testing is insane.

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WiFi 6 Connectivity

Our devices can be equipped with a combination of WiFi 6, Bluetooth, WWAN (4G) and GPS for superior wireless connectivity out in the field for real time data exchange, job management and analytics.

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Extreme Environments

Being able to work in any environment is critical, even freezing cold environments. Products like our B360 fully rugged notebook comes standard with a low-temperature feature allowing it to operate in temperatures as cold as -29ºC / -20ºF.

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Getac offers devices with ATEX and IECEx Certifications for use in hazardous locations, ranging from Zone 0 to 2/22.

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Rugged by Design

Our computers go where most people don’t want to go. They go to the front line. Our products are being used in the most challenging conditions around the world. We don’t simply make an ordinary computer rugged, we engineer Getac computers from the ground up to be rugged inside and out.

Did you know? Getac partners with AMA to bring advanced remote solutions to the utilities sector!

AMA’s XpertEye suite focuses on applications such as assisted reality, dynamic workflow management, and online scheduling. These cutting-edge solutions combine skill-based expertise with head-mounted technologies (connected googles) to share real-time data and knowledge between experts and remote workers.


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